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  1. Membership fee will remain at $75 and some creative ways of providing prizes will be developed. Hopefully by August we will be able to return to usual format. Exact amount—cash-- with your name on envelope would be preferred.

  2. Single golfers should not just show up—they should inform the pro-shop that they need to join a group and approximate time.

  3. Members must submit scores (circle any birdies) by pacing completed card in container).

  4. Men’s league is $39 each for two people in cart. One person in cart will be $44. (rule 5 above will be strictly enforced) (regular course rate for 18 with one person in cart is $69 so we still have preferential treatment)

  5. Birdie pot, longest putt and longest drive weekly.

  6. If any of your information has changed go to ESG website and submit a new form otherwise just send me an email if you intend to join again this year.

Frequently asked Questions 

Do I have to be an Edmonton Springs Golf Club member to join men’s night?

No. Anyone can participate. Most Men’s League members are not Club members.


What age do I have to be?

Any age. Members can range in age from 18 to 80+


I am not a very good golfer—is that ok?

We have members of all skill levels with scores on 18 holes ranging from 80 to 120 or more so there is room for everyone.


I work out of town and can’t be there every Thursday?

Several of our members work out of town. Missing a Thursday or being on a holiday is not a problem. You will be enthusiastically welcomed when you come back.


Can I bring a friend?

Yes. Guests are welcome. Single carts only unless both live in same home. They will have to pay regular green fees but they can certainly join in the fun. 


Do I have to golf with different people every Thursday or can I golf with the same group?

It is up to you. Although getting to know everyone is a lot of fun, some people always golf with the same group.


Are there fixed Tee-times?

Tee-times are arranged in advance with the pro-shop.

The first tee-time is 3:00 pm

The last tee-time is up to you. Some members arrive after 5:00 or 5:30 pm

We are flexible, so if someone in a group is late, they can easily exchange their time with another group


What Tee-boxes are used?

Most members play from the white tees.

Some older golfers may choose to play from the red tees.


Do I have to put money into the prize pots?

All prizes will be draws or score competitions (till further notice).


When is the sign-up period?

Sign-up is any time, 

The club operates independently of the pro-shop. Payments in cash are made to the Men’s league president when the league gets underway.


Where do I get a membership application?

You can complete one or download one from this website 

Some will be available in the pro-shop as soon as the course opens

They are available from the club president


Where can I get more information?

You can contact the club president, Brian Stecyk by calling 780-953-0111

or by send an email to

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